ICEBB 2018

ICEBB 2018

2018 International Conference on E-business and Business Engineering (ICEBB 2018)


May 21-23, 2018, Chengdu, China


2017-09-14. News! Welcome Prof. Yixun Shi from Prof. Yixun Shi, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA to deliver a keynote speech at ICEBB 2018. (Click)

2017-07-05. News! Welcome Prof. Basu D. Sharma from University of New Brunswick, Canada to deliver a keynote speech at ICEBB 2018. (Click)
热烈欢迎著名学者 Basu D. Sharma教授将在ICEBB 2018做特邀学术报告。

2017-07-03. News! Welcome Prof. Luiz Moutinho from Dublin City University, Ireland to join ICEBB 2018 as the conference chair. (Click)
热烈欢迎著名学者 Luiz Moutinho教授将在ICEBB 2018做特邀学术报告。

2017-7-02. News! Welcome to attend ICEBB 2018, which will be held in Chengdu, China during May 21-23, 2018. (Click)
ICEBB 2018 将于2018年5月21-23日在成都召开,欢迎广大学者前来参会。